About Bodycare

We help you injury proof your business

Bodycare is the industry leader in the provision of injury prevention and early intervention professional health services.

At Bodycare, we know that in business, safety is a priority – we share the belief that every employee has the right to return home each day accident and injury free.

Excellence in physiotherapy and ultimately injury prevention, is at the core of our work. It’s what we are known for and what we stake our reputation on.

Our team of highly professional injury prevention specialists manage over 50,000 employees, treat more than 75,000 injuries and deliver more than 300,000 appointments onsite annually.

Since 2000 Bodycare Workplace Solutions have been the market leaders in the delivery of injury prevention solutions and continue to be proactive, accessible, flexible and focused on meeting our clients’ people-related and business needs.

We are committed to delivering a measurable, high quality and innovative service at all times.

Bodycare values:

We offer more than your standard workplace physiotherapy service. There are five distinctive elements to our approach:

1. We are the industry leader in the prevention space – we have built a proven Proactive Injury Prevention System that delivers results for our clients.

2. We have a unique footprint – we can service all your locations, both metro and regional

3. We are commercially competitive – our clients will attest to this fact

4. We provide a variety of value-add services – that can be tailored to your specific business needs

5. We know how to service complex clients – we have established multiple, long-term client relationships and partner with more than 80 clients in 162 sites across NZ and Australia

Proactivity in all we do
Innovation in software, efficiency and a commitment to continuously improve
Integrity in all we say
Communication with all stakeholders regularly

“The problem is big, but the opportunity is bigger…”

We know injury costs are trending upwards across Australia, despite the priority placed on safety and the overabundance of health and safety initiatives. Faced with this, most organisations assume that injuries are inevitable, are simply a “cost of doing business”, and that doing the best for employees equates to simply managing their claims.

We believe that injuries can be prevented. We concur with the importance of shifting the collective focus from injury management to injury prevention. We are in favour of moving from a mindset of control through policies and procedures to harnessing the expertise of employees to reduce injuries and improve the overall health and wellness of every workforce.

We have never accepted the “break-fix” model of waiting for an employee to be injured before having them treated. It’s already too late then. We believe in analysing root causes, developing programs to lower risk profiles and acting fast to minimise harm, in conjunction with learnings and system improvements. We call this injury proofing.

In our experience, not only does this philosophy help to enhance employee engagement and workforce resilience, but it has a significant impact on reducing an organisation’s injuries, their severity and their cost.

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