About Bodycare

We help you injury proof your business

Bodycare is the industry leader in the provision of injury prevention and early intervention professional health services.

At Bodycare, we understand that prioritising safety is crucial in the business world. We believe that every employee deserves to go home each day without experiencing accidents or injuries.

Our primary focus is on achieving excellence in physiotherapy and, ultimately, preventing injuries. This commitment lies at the heart of our work and is the foundation upon which we build our reputation.

Our team, comprised of exceptionally skilled injury prevention specialists, oversees the wellbeing of over 50,000 employees, addresses in excess of 75,000 injuries, and conducts over 300,000 on-site appointments every year.

Since 2000, Bodycare has consistently held the forefront in providing cutting-edge injury prevention solutions. We maintain our proactive, accessible, flexible, and client-focused approach, dedicated to addressing both our clients’ personnel and business requirements.

We are committed to delivering a measurable, high quality and innovative service at all times.

Bodycare values:

We go beyond the typical workplace physiotherapy service, offering a comprehensive approach that encompasses five distinctive elements:

  1. Pioneering injury prevention: As industry leaders, we have developed a proven proactive injury prevention system that consistently delivers results for our clients.
  2. Extensive coverage: Our unique footprint allows us to extend our services nationally, whether they are in metropolitan areas or regional settings.
  3. Competitive pricing: Our clients can vouch for our competitive rates, making us a cost-effective choice for your needs.
  4. Tailored value-adds: We offer a range of value-added services that can be customised to meet the specific requirements of your business.
  5. Expertise in complex cases: With a track record of establishing enduring partnerships and serving clients across New Zealand and Australia, we are well-equipped to handle even the most intricate client scenarios.
Proactivity in all we do
Innovation in software, efficiency and a commitment to continuously improve
Integrity in all we say
Communication with all stakeholders regularly

“The problem is big, but the opportunity is bigger…”

In New Zealand, the trajectory of injury costs is on an upward trend, despite the emphasis placed on safety and the plethora of health and safety initiatives in place. In response to this challenge, most businesses tend to assume that injuries are an inevitable part of their operations and merely a “cost of doing business.” They often equate the best care for their employees with effectively managing injury claims.

Our perspective is different. We believe that injuries can be prevented. We share the view that it’s crucial to shift our collective focus away from injury management and towards injury prevention. Our stance supports transitioning from a mindset centered on control through policies and procedures to harnessing the expertise of our employees. By doing so, we aim to reduce injuries and enhance the overall health and wellbeing of every workforce.

We firmly reject the “break-fix” model of waiting for employee injuries to occur before seeking treatment. By that point, it’s already too late. Instead, we advocate for a proactive approach that involves root cause analysis, the creation of risk-reduction programs, and swift action to minimise harm. This approach is complemented by ongoing learning and systemic improvements, and we refer to it as “injury-proofing.”

Based on our extensive experience, we have found that this philosophy not only boosts employee engagement and enhances workforce resilience but also has a profound effect on reducing the number of injuries within a business, as well as their severity and associated costs.

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