Meet Our Team

Our Senior Executive Team

Our Senior Executive Team are all experienced health professionals and are some of the best in the industry. They oversee the delivery of our injury prevention and early intervention health services and work closely with our partners to tailor a safety program that meets their specific needs.

Dean Mohr

Managing Director

Our Managing Director, Dean Mohr, is the pulse of our organisation. Dean’s philosophy is that workplace injuries and illness can and should be prevented. He is passionate about helping organisations transition from a reactive mindset that focuses on fixing problems to a proactive mindset that focuses on preventing them. Dean believes that the key to any successful occupational health service is building strong partnerships and collaborating to create positive change by being innovative, engaging and proactive.

Rodney Hampel

Head of Business Development

Our Head of Business Development, Rod Hampel, takes a strategic and commercial approach to networking, building strong client relationships and growing Bodycare’s footprint in the occupational injury prevention and early intervention space . Rod has over 10 years’ experience working in occupational health and has worked closely with some of Australia’s largest corporate organisations to reduce their risks across the employment continuum.

Matthew Fishman

Director of Operations

Our Chief Operating Officer, Matt Fishman, oversees the growth and management of Bodycare’s national footprint in the occupational health field. Matt plays a pivotal role in working with our key partner’s for the delivery of Bodycare’s services. Matt has a focus on developing, training and managing our team of highly skill onsite physiotherapists and other allied health professionals.

David Carroll

General Manager

Our General Manager, David Carroll, is passionate about keeping Kiwi workers healthy, safe and injury free. David’s occupational health journey started as an onsite physiotherapist in the coal mines of central Queensland, where he experienced the positive impact of proactive injury prevention and health and wellbeing programs. David learnt that when talented and committed health professionals partner with dynamic organisations, it results in a fitter, healthier and more engaged team and a more profitable, resilient and innovative company. David believes that great people make great businesses and empowers team members to build meaningful relationships with clients while embodying our core company values to make a lasting difference in the lives of the people and companies we work with.

Clive Sher

Medical Director

Our Medical Director, Dr Clive Sher, is a strategic-thought leader with a long and successful career in the healthcare industry. Since immigrating to Australia in 1985, Clive has gained extensive experience working in the Medical, Healthcare, Occupational Health and Safety, Workcover and Optometry industries over the past 25 years.

Joel Queit

Chief Financial Officer

Our Chief Financial Officer, Joel Queit, brings a disciplined and analytical approach to the Finance Function and together with his strong technical abilities, supports the business in meeting its strategic goals. Joel is a Chartered Accountant with over 17 years’ experience in the accounting industry working at one of Australia’s top accounting firms and for one of Australia’s largest private companies.

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