Onsite Health Services

VIP Clinical Support Network

Bodycare is supported by a network of fully trained and experienced physiotherapy clinics. In the case of an employee reporting an injury, sprain or level of discomfort at work, they are able to book themselves in for treatment at one of the many available VIP clinics by logging into our Healthy Workplace Dashboard or calling 0800 BODYCARE. This rapid response process ensures that any acute injury concerns are managed effectively and at the earliest onset, preventing the development of lengthy claims.

Following treatment, the physiotherapist will liaise with the client to inform them of the details surrounding the employee’s injury and effective management of the injury going forward. This communication will also include a report explaining the above and any return to work specifications for the worker. This process ensures that all stakeholders are informed and no further injuries or niggles are overlooked during the treatment and recovery process.

Where possible, the employee will be booked back in with the Onsite Physiotherapist to ensure continuous management and control of the employee’s injury and progress.

Our VIP Clinical Support Network offers you the peace of mind that all musculoskeletal workplace injuries can be managed, treated and outcomes clarified in a consistent, all in one solution.

Rapid Response

Employee reports injury, soreness or discomfort. Call Body­care to arrange appointment to ensure treatment of acute injuries occurs immediately and smoothly.

Communicate Early

The treating physiotherapist will call the client to discuss the nature of the employee’s injury and an appropriate way to manage the injury moving forward.

Report Back

Treating physiotherapist closes the communication loop by providing written feedback explaining what type of treatment was performed and what recommendations were made.

The Benefits:

Assurance that your employee's are getting the best immediate and ongoing treatment possible
Ability to respond fast to niggles and aches before they turn into injuries
Up to date communication regarding the progress of the employee throughout all stages of treatment

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