Safety Consulting & Training

Risk Assessments

New Zealand’s current Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) is based on a risk management approach that employs a new way of thinking about health and safety. Like Bodycare’s approach to injury prevention, this Act moves away from targeting compliance and focuses on getting employees home safe and healthy every day. Currently, there are 50-60 fatalities annually in workplace incidents around the country and hundreds more die as a result of work-related ill health. To improve this statistic, it is highly critical for workplaces to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that workers and other persons are not exposed to the risk of a musculoskeletal disorder associated with a hazardous manual task.

The completion of a Risk Assessment for hazardous Manual Handling Tasks demonstrates a clear process for the application of suitable control measures. Bodycare’s Risk and Workplace Assessments are performed by qualified physiotherapists, experienced in injury prevention, who help to identify manual handling risk factors identified in and around a workplace setting. These assessments results in recommendations and strategies that aim to reduce risks through a number of solutions, such as improvements to worksite layout, procedural changes, education and training.

Bodycare aims to create a positive culture change by engaging with your employees and spending time in their work environment. Our physiotherapists act as ‘fresh eyes’ in your workplace and are there to assist in the implementation of key Health and Safety initiatives.

Make your safety program a key part of your company culture by actively committing to it at all levels of leadership.

The Purpose & Benefits of Workplace Risk Assessments

We aim to create a positive culture change by engaging with your employees and spending time in their work environment
Based on the Hazardous Manual Task Identification Worksheet, tasks in the workplace will be ranked from most hazardous to least hazardous to enable targeting tasks where the risk is greatest
Provide measures to meet legislative obligations and provides an expert opinion on the manual handling risks and the most appropriate controls associated with key tasks
Onsite injury prevention specialist will review the documented SOP’s against the way tasks are completed to identify any potential gaps in process and areas for improvement

On completion of the risk assessment, a detailed report will be provided to the client in soft copy (PDF) format, including colour photographs to highlight key findings in the assessment.

Worksite Assessments

A worksite assessment is a specialised onsite assessment of a worker’s duties and/or potential suitable work duties that can assist in resolving problems identified to be contributing factors in workplace injuries or the worker’s symptoms or determine the need for workplace modifications or equipment. A worksite assessment also acts as a useful tool for upgrading medical certificates or sourcing suitable duties, which correspond to the worker’s functional capacity.

Worksite assessments provide recommendations on preventative strategies, actions and advice to minimise potential work injuries and optimise outcomes.

This may be appropriate if a worker:

Has sustained an injury or is reporting pain or symptoms at work
Is recovering from injury or following an extended period away from work or a particular task
Is being placed in a job where there are concerns about their physical suitability for the tasks required

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