Onsite Health Services

Strength, Flexibility & Conditioning Programs

Musculoskeletal injuries affect a very large portion of the workforce, from clerical staff to labourers, in all industries. This can result in increasing numbers of lost work days each year, costing the employee time and money and most importantly, impacting the health of employees. In the 15/16 FY 27% of all active ACC claims resulted from common manual handling movements such as twisting, lifting, carrying, strain, pushing and pulling, which commonly result in musculoskeletal strain or injury.

In aiming to minimise these problems, Bodycare’s strength, flexibility and conditioning programs offer employees the opportunity to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace.

Research shows that most injuries occur in the first few hours of work or when employees begin to fatigue so Bodycare’s programs are designed to address this by improving blood flow, muscle length and functional strength.

These programs aim to:

Act as an interactive, engaging and fun educational tool run by experienced physiotherapists
Provide introductions and presentations to your supervisors and OHS teams
Provide explanations to supervisors as to the most appropriate method of implementation to generate engagement by employees.
Supply posters to be placed around the worksite that demonstrate site specific programs

We make change permanent by changing attitudes

Some of the proactive programs we deliver are:

Functional Conditioning
Core Stability
Ship Shape Shoulders
Roll Me Out - Spikey Ball
Foam Roller

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