Onsite injury prevention strategies
An effective onsite injury prevention strategy is paramount when it comes to fostering a "safety-first" culture within an organisation.
Workplace Mental Health First Aid Training
A mentally healthy workplace minimises harm and promotes protective factors for all employees, providing them with an open and supportive environment. Enquire about a Workplace Mental Health First Aid course for your business today.

Proactive injury prevention & management solutions

Workplace injuries ARE preventable and being proactive is the answer.

Workplace Physiotherapy

Proactive injury prevention is the key to a healthy workforce.
Early detection and treatment are paramount.
Injury proof your business
6 Principles for an effective injury prevention program.
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Pre-Employment Screening
Hiring the fittest and strongest candidates minimises the risk of injuries. Hire right. The first time. Every time.
We are your injury prevention specialists…

The best defence is a good offence

At Bodycare we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to injury prevention and management.

We have never accepted the “break-fix” model of waiting for an employee to be injured before having them treated. It’s already too late then. We believe in analysing root causes, developing programs to lower risk profiles and acting fast to minimise harm, in conjunction with learnings and system improvements. We call this injury proofing. In our experience, not only does this philosophy help to enhance employee engagement and workforce resilience, but it has a significant impact on reducing an organisation’s injuries, their severity and their cost.

Healthy workers make for a healthy business. We understand that businesses require an innovative, cost-effective solution to continuously improve your onsite physiotherapy programs and overall injury prevention.


Having the right information, at the right time provides organisations with the knowledge and clarity to make informed and educated decisions about their business. Decisions that can affect an organisation on a number of different levels – productivity, injury rates, safety, the list goes on…

At Bodycare we believe in the power of meaningful reporting and valuable data. Bodycare has developed an exclusive software program that compiles meaningful injury-related data. Not only does the software serve as a live electronic platform for gathering medical information from patients/employees, it actually enables employers to obtain a clearer understanding of the nature of workplace injuries that are occurring, and to measure the effectiveness of the ways in which they are prevented and managed.


  • Tracks all relevant injury data points
  • Presents data in meaningful and clear reports
  • Allows for Proactive Injury Prevention reporting
  • Tracks individual employee injury history
  • Pinpoints injury trouble hot spots in your business
  • Delivers a high level of clarity and perspective of injury causes
  • Provides insights into employee injury progress
  • Showcases quantitative data to identify the financial benefits of the onsite service