Exclusive Software

Powerful solutions to predict overarching injury patterns within your workplace

Injury Prediction Software and Healthy Workplace Dashboard

Bodycare has developed an exclusive software program that compiles meaningful injury-related data. Not only does the software serve as a live electronic platform for gathering medical information from patients/employees, it actually enables employers to obtain a clearer understanding of the nature of workplace injuries that are occurring, and to measure the effectiveness of the ways in which they are prevented and managed.

It also allows you to measure the effectiveness of Bodycare’s Injury Prevention Service. Bodycare’s exclusive software helps you to understand then act on the major injury causes, giving your management team a new level of clarity and control.

Tracks all relevant injury data points
Presents data in meaningful and clear reports
Allows for Proactive Injury Prevention
Tracks individual employee injury history
Pinpoints injury trouble hot spots in your business
High level of clarity and perspective of injury causes

Effective two-way communication forms the foundation of a successful relationship

Consistent and regular communication with our partners forms
the cornerstone of good relationship management.
As part of Bodycare’s commitment to creating outcomes with you, we deliver
regular communications, both verbal and written, to managers across all levels regarding particular aspects of the onsite physiotherapy service including:

Injury alerts for onsite and offsite treatments
Immediate employee injury progress updates
Return to work meetings
Quarterly analytics on the progress of onsite programs
Monthly reporting
Strategic planning sessions with all key stakeholders

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