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Ergonomic Assessments

An ergonomic assessment performed by Bodycare Workplace Solutions involves an evaluation of an employee at their workstation to ensure optimal working postures and ergonomic work practices, correct workstation set up and ergonomic equipment recommendations, where appropriate.

Bodycare Ergonomic Assessments are completed by fully qualified physiotherapists who are skilled in observing the workspace and work practices of an individual.

Poor ergonomic work practices or workstations can play a significant role in the development of many preventable musculoskeletal disorders including neck and back pain, shoulder and arm pain, headaches and repetitive strain injury. The best way to prevent poor ergonomic work practice, is to empower employees with the information and education that will enable individuals to be able to identify issues or risk factors before they cause an injury. Small changes to your employees’ work practices and workstations can have a large effect on their productivity, whilst ensuring they remain discomfort, pain and ultimately injury-free at work. By up-skilling employees, organisations are able to actively improve their working environment and make positive changes to the company’s workplace culture.

Ergonomic assessments and ergonomic workshops are a great place to start when addressing these issues.

Make your safety program a key part of your company culture by actively committing to it at all levels of leadership.

Bodycare Ergonomic Assessments can include:

Individual workstation assessments
Multiple workstation assessments
Home office ergonomic assessments
Vehicle ergonomic assessments
Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Workshops

During a Bodycare Ergonomic Workshop your team will experience interactive sessions designed to deliver practical ergonomic education and advice in a “real world” setting. Each session is lead by our skilled team of physiotherapists and delivered at an employee’s workstation and in small groups (up to 6 people). During the workshop, employees explore the principles of setting up a workstation to ensure role efficiency, effectiveness and correct postures for their environment. After the practical demonstration, employees are given the opportunity to apply these learnings to their own workstations under the supervision of an physiotherapist, who is also available to answer any specific ergonomic questions.

Bodycare physiotherapists are able to:

Make simple, practical and cost effective recommendations tailored to the needs of your workplace
Utilise all available forms of environmental adaptation prior to the recommendation of purchasing equipment
Source and prescribe high quality, affordable equipment, customised to the needs of the individual and your workplace
Make recommendations on injury prevention and injury management specifically tailored to the individual employee

There are many different areas we look at when conducting ergonomics assessment – these can include:

> Workstation chair set up, adjustments and sitting posture

> Desk design, size and height

> Computer monitor position, dual monitor set up

> Laptop computer set up

> Repetitive computer tasks – mousing, data entry, clicking

> Work method and working postures

> Rest breaks and stretch break

> Musculoskeletal discomfort

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