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Pre Employment Services

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Fitness for Duty Assessments

A Fitness for Duty Assessment (FFD) acts as a platform for assessing a worker’s functional abilities when completing a range of physical demands in order to facilitate their functional recovery from an injury. A Fitness for Duty Assessment includes a process of standardised testing to evaluate a worker’s capacities for work in their role.

Bodycare creates tailored FFD Assessments in partnership with our clients to ensure the assessment is specific to the tasks required by the roles of a particular organisation. Bodycare recommends the application of a Fitness for Duty Assessment when information is required about a worker’s functional abilities that is not available through other means. The FFD should reflect physical tasks that are potentially available on returning to work and is widely recognised as an important part of injury prevention process.

An FFD may be used as a source of information for:

Developing return to work programs based on an individual’s functional requirements
Relevant details concerning stakeholders including the worker, treating personnel and employer
Identifying appropriate and inappropriate physical activities for the individual assessed
Making recommendations about interventions such as safe manual handling and other actions which will facilitate return to work
Assessing a worker’s capacity to complete specific demands of duties in a workplace (a work trial is often the most valid test of a worker’s capacity)
Specifying proposed return to work duties or temporary alternative duties

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