Onsite Health Services

Health and Wellness

At Bodycare Workplace Solutions, we believe that taking the time to understand, evaluate and invest in your employee’s health is critical in maintaining the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff, as well as having many benefits from a business perspective.

Employees are a business’s greatest asset, so improving the health and wellbeing of the individuals in your organisation will ultimately have a positive effect on their productivity and accountability at work.

Bodycare’s trained health and wellness professionals can tailor workplace wellness programs to meet specific needs or areas of concern within a company so that employees are getting the most out of the health and wellness program. These programs take into account our partner’s unique needs in relation to budget, culture values, existing health issues and business goals.

We offer a strategic mix of integrated health and wellness services, which combine to educate, support and inspire your employees to better health.

We make change permanent by changing attitudes

These include:

Onsite corporate health and wellness services

  • Individualised onsite health checks and consultations such as health coaching, massage, nutrition advice and meditation as well as onsite seminars (such as cooking demonstrations)

Individual and team based challenges

  • Health challenges and campaigns that demonstrate and engage employees in making lifelong changes to their health and lifestyle habits

Educational resources

  • Professional print and digital educational materials, including our monthly newsletter and booklets

Some of our health and wellness programs include:

Onsite Health Checks
Health Consultations
Health Seminars & Webinars
Health Programs & Challenges

Aren’t sure where to start? Why note start with a strategic health risk appraisal for your organisation.

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