Onsite Health Services

Health & Wellness

At Bodycare, we firmly believe that dedicating time to comprehend, assess, and invest in the health of your workforce is paramount for sustaining both their physical and mental well-being. Moreover, this approach offers numerous advantages from a business standpoint.

Employees constitute a company’s most valuable asset. Consequently, enhancing the health and wellbeing of individuals within your business will invariably yield positive outcomes in terms of their productivity and accountability at work.

Bodycare boasts a team of adept health and wellness experts who possess the ability to customise workplace wellness programs to cater to specific requirements or areas of concern within a business. This ensures that employees derive maximum benefit from the health and wellness initiatives. These programs are meticulously tailored to align with your unique needs, taking into consideration factors such as budget constraints, cultural values, existing health issues, and business objectives.

Our comprehensive suite of integrated health and wellness services is strategically designed to educate, support, and motivate your employees towards achieving better health.

We make change permanent by changing attitudes.

These include:

Onsite corporate health and wellness services

  • Individualised onsite health checks and consultations such as health coaching, massage, nutrition advice and meditation as well as onsite seminars (such as cooking demonstrations)

Individual and team based challenges

  • Health challenges and campaigns that demonstrate and engage employees in making lifelong changes to their health and lifestyle habits

Educational resources

  • Professional print and digital educational materials, including our monthly newsletter and booklets

Unsure where to start? Why not contact us to help with a strategic health risk appraisal for your business.