Information leads to action….

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In a workplace setting, having the right information can provide an organisation with a competitive advantage. Whether it‘s information regarding risks, injuries, competitors, the market or legislation, information allows employers to take action, to make changes and to move quickly.

Having the right information, at the right time provides organisations with the knowledge to make informed and educated decisions. Decisions that can affect an organisation on a number of different levels – productivity, injury rates, safety, the list goes on…

At Bodycare Workplace Solutions we believe in the power of quality reporting and the power of useful information. Software, data analytics and high level reporting form an integral part of what we provide  to our partners and reinforce a successful injury prevention strategy.

Bodycare’s Healthy Workplace Dashboard enables our partners to access all their injury prevention insights and analytics at the click of a button. The platform not only keeps track of each individual employee and their injuries, but arms you with the information to act fast and the knowledge to make correct decisions. This unique tool enables you to obtain a clear understanding about the nature of injuries occurring in your workplace, the people who are most at risk, the proactive initiatives being delivered onsite and also providing you with a number of other key reporting functionalities to ensure your workplace remains safe, healthy and free from the risk of injury.

We aim to help you to understand and give your management team a new level of clarity and control.


  • Tracks all relevant injury data points
  • Presents data in meaningful and clear reports
  • Allows for Proactive Injury Prevention reporting
  • Tracks individual employee injury history
  • Pinpoints injury trouble hot spots in your business
  • Delivers a high level of clarity and perspective of injury causes
  • Provides insights into employee injury progress
  • Showcases quantitative data to identify the financial benefits of the onsite service