Onsite Health Services

Injury Management Consulting

Although we focus on preventing and minimising injuries when they do occur, occasionally ACC claims happen.

As specialists in injury identification, treatment and management Bodycare are able to marry our extensive clinical and rehabilitation experience to provide a complete Injury Management Consulting service. Utilising extensive knowledge and technical understanding of occupational injuries, our physiotherapists are able to design and implement robust early claim and rehabilitation management ensuring you benefit from the following:

Fast efficient injury and incident notification procedures for managers
Assistance with injury management policy development and implementation
Development of safe, cost effective of return to work programs for injured employees
High level communication with all key stakeholders in the injury management process
Delivery of safe alternate duties for injured employees in consultation with Doctors, Managers and Insurers
Face to Face case conferencing with all relevant stakeholders regarding graduated return to work for injured employees
Delivery of fitness for duty assessments designed to evaluate an injured worker’s potential by integrating clinical and standardised assessment procedures
Case Management of long-term claims, specifically aimed at addressing barriers to returning to work, upgrading medical certification and development of return to work goals

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Functional Rehabilitation Programs

Bodycare Workplace Solutions has an extensive knowledge surrounding injuries in the workplace and the impact that they can have on a business. Equally as important, is our in-depth understanding of how to apply a fast return to work approach after an injury occurs, which is beneficial for both the employee and the employer.

Immediately after an employee is given approval from a medical professional to return onsite after an injury, our physiotherapists initiate communication with the injured employee and act as liaisons between the GP and the site’s Safety and Operations team. This proactive approach ensures that all key stakeholders are on the same page regarding the injured employee’s progress and allows the physiotherapist to address the needs of the employee early, leading to faster recovery and rehabilitation times and reducing the risk of further injury on returning to full duties.

Bodycare’s rehabilitation and strength programs are individually tailored to each employee’s specific role and functional requirements of an injury. This means our physiotherapists will be fully engaged in the employee’s role out on the warehouse or plant floor, in order to apply relevant task modifications and ensure that employee’s are retraining the muscles and promoting the correct kinetic patterns to perform their job safely.

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