Safety Consulting & Training

Job Task Analysis

Bodycare assists in streamlining the injury management and prevention process by preparing tailored Job Task Analysis (JTA) documents for any business. A Job Task Analysis is required to assess the inherent physical demands required by each task completed in a particular role.

Each Job Task Analysis is based on the specific needs of each individual client includes a report on any number of tasks.  As experienced physiotherapists, the Bodycare team have an extensive knowledge of workplace environments and are trained in the observation of movement and correct postures required when executing a task.

The final analyses is then presented in a clear concise format to the relevant Health and Safety team. Job Task Analyses are an essential tool in negotiating suitable duties with treating doctors and stakeholders for injured workers or workers returning to work. They can also assist in recruitment suitability and setting key performance indicators for performance appraisals.

Bodycare’s Job Task Analyses include the following:

Description of the job task
Breakdown of the physical demands of the job task
Assessment of the environment
Identification of equipment required to perform the duties
Shift times
Photos of the employee performing the job task
Overall physical demand rating of each job task

Make your safety program a key part of your company culture by actively committing to it at all levels of leadership.

Job Dictionary

When combined, the Job Task Analyses form to complete a Job Dictionary for your business.

A Job Dictionary is an invaluable tool which ensures stakeholders are well informed of the specific job tasks undertaken at an organization, the physical demands each job task places on the body and the suitability of employees to undertake these job tasks.

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