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Mindfulness in the Workplace

How much of your working day do you spend on autopilot? Research from Harvard University suggests that most people spend about 50% of their day in a mindless state (Killingsworth et al. 2010). The effects of this on organisations are huge.

Mindlessness leads to errors, inefficiency, poor performance and most importantly decreased levels of employee wellbeing and engagement.

Mindfulness is the opposite of being on autopilot. Mindfulness is where your mind and body are together, connected in the present moment. When you are being mindful, you are in the moment, focusing on what you are doing. A large portion of our time is spent thinking about the past or the future that we forget to pay attention to what is going on right now. Mindfulness is simple a way of “being” in the present moment with our thoughts and feelings however it can have a profound effect in the workplace.

Adopting a simple mindfulness practice can significantly improve employee wellbeing and performance, making for a happier and more effective workplace.

The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace:

enhances focus and attention
increases self-awareness and awareness of others
increased resilience and emotional intelligence
reduced stress and anxiety
increased productive and employee moral
improved complex problem-solving and decision-making abilities
overall improved performance

Make your safety program a key part of your company culture by actively committing to it at all levels of leadership.

Our Programs

Introduction to Mindfulness

A two-hour introductory mindfulness session, where participants will be introduced to the theory and practice of mindfulness, including why it is crucial for health, productivity and happiness. This session will blend theory and research with group discussion and experiential activities.

Introduction to Mindfulness +

A two-hour introductory mindfulness session with one hour follow up session (approx. two weeks later) to consolidate learning, answer questions and further embed mindfulness concepts.

Mindfulness for Life Course

A six x 1.5 hour weekly mindfulness course, focusing on developing strategies for bringing formal mindfulness meditation and informal mindfulness practices into day-to-day work and home life. Includes written course materials and guided recordings for weekly practice.

The inclusion of a simple mindfulness practices can teach employees the skills to:

be more emotionally alert
communicate more clearly
direct thoughts more appropriately
focus more consistently
become a better listener

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