Pre Employment Services

Pre Employment Services

We provide our clients with robust and tailored pre employment solutions.

Pre Employment Screening Modules

Detailed and Targeted Pre Employment Health Screening

Our pre employment screens evaluate the health and functional capacity for an individual. Through a series of questionnaires, standardised tests and clinical assessments, our experienced occupational health professionals can quickly identify potential issues, track health parameters (such as hearing and respiratory function), and provide robust and professional recommendations. Our pre employment screening services and medical tests can be implemented through a standardised, end to end framework, or each module can be delivered separately or tailored to the needs of your business.


Pre Employment Questionnaires

Our questionnaires utilise leading edge technology to provide a robust and sensitive, self-administered screening tool. The questionnaire is designed to gather information on a candidate’s past work history, medical and injury history along with details around key lifestyle factors including a basic psychological evaluation.

Clients have the option to implement a standardised comprehensive questionnaire or tailor individual questions to cater for the requirements of their business.

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The Bodycare Pre Employment Process

Pre Employment Functional Health Assessment Modules

Our pre employment functional assessments are tailored to meet the inherent requirements of each role and may include:


Comprehensive assessment of the spine, upper and lower limbs. This assessment includes a review of joint range of motion, joint stability, muscle length, muscle strength, functional work tolerances and a basic neural screen.


Comprehensive assessment of postural tolerances (i.e. static and dynamic) matched to the inherent requirements of a role. Postural tolerances can include sitting, standing, reaching, bending, twisting, etc.


Functional assessment of a person’s manual handling loading ability, matched against the inherent requirements of the role. The assessment includes the worker’s ability to safely perform lifts, as well as a review of their technique and overall tolerance to the movement.


Audiometric assessments are performed to measure hearing capability and any potential hearing deficits that may have been incurred due to exposure to hazardous levels of noise.


Spirometry assessments to measure lung function and to assess the degree of airflow obstruction (if any) present in each employee.


The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is conducted with all drivers to identify whether fatigue due to a sleep condition (such as sleep apnoea) is an issue.


Includes an assessment of visual acuity where this is necessary for the safe performance of each role. Colour vision is also assessed where this is identified as an inherent role requirement.


Includes completion of a comprehensive medical questionnaire, as well as blood pressure checks, visual checks, height / weight checks (e.g. BMI), and identification of any potential medical conditions that may impact on the worker’s substantive role.


Includes testing the candidates blood alcohol level (BAC) and the presence of illicit drugs in their system at the time of assessment.  Drugs are used to identify traces of Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Benzodiazapines, Morphine and Methamphetamines. Drug screens can also be sent off for GCMS confirmatory testing if required.


The Kessler 10 Psychological Screen is completed with every worker to identify potential risks associated with anxiety and depression.

Flexible Online Payment Structure

At Bodycare, we know that every organisation is different and that’s why we aim to provide our partners with flexible payment options. Bodycare has the infrastructure in place to allow candidates to process payments for their pre employment assessments directly through our secure online portal or for clients to receive a comprehensive monthly invoice.

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