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Ready Screen

Ready Screen is Bodycare’s leading edge pre-employment screening tool and provides organisations will a cost effective, practical in-house screening tool. Ready Screen uses state of the art technology to give businesses the competitive advantage of hiring people that are 100% right for the job.

The Ready Screen is made up of two components; an online subjective questionnaire and a functional objective assessment. These components can be performed as singular modules or as a combination, depending on your on-boarding process.

The subjective questionnaire is designed to gather information on a candidate’s past employment history, their medical and functional history, along with a detailed injury history and psychological evaluation.

The functional assessment is made up of a series of exercises, which are used to test a candidate’s range of motion, strength and manual handling. These tests have been selected as they most accurately represent the movements performed within a work environment.

Utilising the Ready Screen software, candidate completes online questionnaire.

Job applicants complete a questionnaire that includes sections on their medical history, musculoskeletal injury history, work history and more.

Your trained staff performs a functional test on applicant.

Your trained assessor completes a physical assessment of the job applicant, which includes trunk, upper limb and lower limb assessments and manual handling technique.

We complete a risk score rating.

Drawing on a decade of experience and data, Bodycare takes the results of step 1 and 2 and calculates a risk score that is compared against the job description and the industry average score. Giving you confidence that you’re hiring the right people.

Following completion of the two components, the information is processed through the Ready Screen algorithm which has been developed based on 15 years of pre-employment screening data and in conjunction with a team of highly trained occupational health professionals. The results are then compared to industry standards and benchmarks to calculate a final job rating for the prospective candidate. All benchmarks are tailored to each industry and individual business requirements to ensure a robust pre-employment screening process.

The Ready Screen is designed to be an effective and simple to administer pre-employment screening tool, which allows organisations to make an informed decision about the people that they hire for a role.

How it works:

Prior to running the first in-house functional assessment, Bodycare provides a thorough training session to ensure that your personnel are capable of accurately delivering the assessment, ensuring validity and consistency.

Companies can then administer the Ready Screen assessments in-house, before getting valuable feedback from one of our experience team of trained physiotherapists.

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