Safety Consulting & Training

Workplace Health & Safety Training & Seminars

At Bodycare, we believe that education and health and safety training is imperative when it comes to creating a safety-first culture in an organisation. We believe that a just, proactive and informed culture needs to be embedded within a business and needs to be continuously enforced from the top down.

The team at Bodycare take a proactive, no blame approach to health and safety. Our highly skilled team of Health Consultants are trained in the delivery of a variety of interactive occupational health and safety training courses that are designed to educate and upskill organisations on diverse health and safety topics within the workplace, in line with the relevant health and safety policy.

Why are health and safety training courses in the workplace important?

Workplace health and safety training is important in the development of employee injury prevention practices and the risk management of an organisation. Health and safety courses empower the employee to understand their risk of injury in the workplace and allow them to identify, assess and fix or re-assess their practices to minimise future risk of injury.

To be effective, this approach to employee engagement, through the development of health and safety knowledge, should be actively supported by peers, managers/supervisors and a positive safety culture in the workplace.

Please see below for a list of some of our health and safety courses and training options:

  • Manual Handling Training

Despite all workplaces having to adhere to the relevant health and safety policy, we believe that every workplace is different and requires a tailored approach to occupational health and safety training.

As such, any of our health and safety training packages can be customised to suit your needs exactly.

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